When we think about summers , the first thing which comes to our mind is mangoes. Its colour, taste, fragrance everything attracts us like honeybees. There are lot of mouthwatering dishes which can be prepared out of mangoes ,like mango shake, mango juice, mango chutney , mango ice-cream, etc.

But my favourites are aam panna and mango pickle which are prepared using raw mangoes.

Now it is the month of April, the mangoes are raw and little bigger in size ,which has sour taste and can be used for preparing chutney and other raw mango dishes.I can see small kids gathering under the mango tree for their daily playful activities. Some of them just stares at the mango tree ,imagining when a mango might fall and they can pick it up , and run away . Yet other kids keep on throwing stones on the mango tree to satisfy their taste buds.

Kids who are yet more elder they just climb the tree and plucks the mango.And I know what they are going to prepare out of it. It’s the mango salad . You just have to wash and peel the mangoes, chop them into small pieces, add a little bit of salt and chilli powder. Over and above this if you want you can add other spices too like cumin and coriander powder give it a mix and your mouth watering mango salad is ready to eat.This was our favourite afternoon snacks when we were small.

Being an Indian I know that there are various species of mangoes which grow in our India. The size, the looks, and the taste of the mangoes changes as we move from one place to another in our country. My favourite is the Dasheri mango which grows in Uttar Pradesh. Its the sweetest mango ever I have tasted ,little bit smaller in size than other mangoes.

The mango which is considered to be of export quality is the Alphanso mango.Its grown in the western region of our country and comes under most expensive varieties.It is bright golden yellow in colour with a saffron coloured pulp inside which makes it as a favoured mango variety. These species are available in the market from mid of April till the end of June. This is known as Hapus aam in India.

Langra aam one more variety of mango which is sweet ,tasty and juicy is, exported to other countries due to its sweetness. These are mostly grown in Uttar Pradesh. Langra which are grown in Banaras are known as Banarasi Langra. These mangoes are considered to be good for slicing and canning pourpose. And this is why it is gaining popularity in the international market.

Mangoes are also used for preparing our all time favourite mango pickle. Our Indian platter is incomplete without it. Its not only tasty but it is also good for our tummy.

The mango which is considered to be the best for making pickle is the Ramkeda mangoes. These mangoes are grown in Uttar Pradesh .Due to its strong acidic taste and good amount of pulp in it, pickles comes out to be more tastier than any other mango. Indian pickle is made using various kind of spices and oil in it. For preservation it is kept in sunlight for few days . And this is how our healthy and medicinal pickle is ready to eat.

Mangoes are our all time favourite fruit. These are only few mangoes which I spoke about. Other than these there are lot more other varieties of mangoes which are grown in our country like Badami mangoes which are grown in Karnataka and is known as the Alphanso of South India due to its sweet taste.

Other mangoes like Totapuri grown in Bengaluru and Banganapalle grown in Andhra Pradesh are also famous and are known for its sweet taste.

So let’s welcome the summers with all the sweet and sour recipes of our all time favourite mangoes.

Hi , I am Shikha. Earlier I was in finance but after getting my baby I changed my career and became a successful english teacher. Now started writing contents.

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