Ethical education a crucial part of school curriculum…

Education is important but ethical education is far more important than education. It’s a medium of imparting values in the kids.

When I was in school, these ethical values were taught to us, but our subject name was different. It was known as Moral Science, one of my favourite subjects. I remember one day in Moral Science class, our teacher asked us to take a piece of paper, and imagine it to be God. He went on, “children take a piece of paper imagine it to be God, and worship it.” After few minutes he started explaining, “If you think, that piece of paper to be God, it’s God for you otherwise, it is just a piece of paper.” He was teaching us to look at things the other way round. This is the power of ethical education. That is, studying a situation from all directions.

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Aristotle

It’s very important to equip our kids with ethics. And, how it helps, let’s find out.

  1. Develops Critical Thinking: It involves systematic processing of information, analysing the complexity of the issue and then taking the right decision.

Here I should mention one of my own story. Once we went to one of the ghats of Haridwar to offer puja to goddess Ganga. As we were moving down to the ghat, I saw many bagger sitting on both the side of the stairs. After we completed the puja, my uncle and my bother gave some coin to the baggers. Finally we reached back to our car, we all settled inside, and the car was about to start. Suddenly we saw some baggers running towards our car. I was astonished, as what might have happened. Then we saw there was one luggage bag in one of the baggers hand, which they had come to return. It was my Aunts luggage bag.

Here you might be thinking, Oh God, baggers also have critical thinking..? Seeing to this incident I like to saw yes, they have. They could have done anything with the bag, they could have stole it, they could have run away with it, but they decided to return it back to us, the way it was. And the best part of this story is that, my aunt kept her gold jewellery in it and nothing was misplaced.

That’s why it is said that, wisdom is something which can happen with anybody anytime.

“Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living……” Anthony Douglas Williams.

2. Develop Moral Behaviour: Moral behaviour helps a child to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. It’s about asking our selves what is right and what should be done. In todays globalised world ethical values is the channel which can improve human relationship.

Newspaper now a days are, full of unethical news. But why is it so, have we ever questioned our selves.. ?

Sometimes its not the uneducated lot but the educated too who are indulge in unethical practise… why ?

Why when they do the crime they don’t question themselves, whether what they are doing, is wrong or right?

It’s the lack of ethical education. If I talk about uneducated people , we can say, “oh, they are illiterate, and that’s why they are like this.” But sometimes these people too show their wisdom and walks away…

One day, one of my friends was discussing one incident on her with me. She said, “You know my mother-in-law is illiterate, but I love her a lot. Because she is wise. When she came to our flat for the first time, my husband told her, ‘see this is your home’ what she said you know? She said it is not only my home, but it’s my daughter-in-law’s too.”

That’s where ethical education is shown. It’s a value education which starts at home, and is polished more in schools.

Today when I was going through the newspaper, I came across a news, where the daughter in law was thrown out of the home because of dowry. And you know what…? All her in-laws are doctors, even she herself is a doctor. So these are the so called educated people of our country. Why they behaved like this, answer is in the roots. That’s how they are brought up. None of them were ethically educated. Only they had degrees with them selves. But the basic education of wisdom was missing.

Anyway lets see the next reason of imparting ethical education…

3.Sympathy and Empathy: Being sympathetic to others that is the feeling for others.Empathy experiencing others feeling or putting yourself to others shoe. Both of these values can be inculcated in the kids only through ethical education.

College students love to abuse the new comers in their college. Why is it so..? Does they want to show their seniority ,or they wants to show, that they are powerful ? Seniority and power can be shown by helping the juniors or by creating something new as well, which can give them fame too.

Not only in college but it exists in our so called corporates as well, where the senior employees always loves to suppress the junior one. But it’s not the case with everybody, in corporates their are people who loves to help others and are full with ethical values.

4. Love and kindness: Love and kindness towards others, be it human being animal or plant all needs love and kindness to grow, to be strong.

Imagine if our parents were not kind and loving to us, would it be possible for us, to grow as strong citizens of today ? Ask yourself….

5. Tolerance: Developing an attitude of openness, towards respecting others for the differences they possess. The differences could be based on gender, religion, colour, intellectual or physical difference or disability.

It does not needs mentioning how gender bias still exists in our country. This prejudice needs to be removed through education. Casteism another big problem of our country. It’s breaking our country into pieces, but the thing which is important for us is, still our cast.

Can’t we consider the other person to be a human being, created by God, rather than dividing our selves into so called different casts, and fighting among ourselves?

Now it’s time for us, to think critically, if ethical education is important for our kids or not? Oh yes….another thing it’s not only the duty of the schools to inculcate them with such education it is the duty of each and every human being.

It’s never too late to learn, adopt and implement things. So, it will be good if such sessions are provided to adults as well, both in organised and unorganised sectors.

According to few studies, most of the schools give importance to their mainstream subjects rather than investing a little on value education. In todays scenario there are kids, where both the parents are working, in such cases, it becomes the responsibility of the schools to inculcate value education to the kids.

Ethical education is the only tool with us, which can transform us from being animals to Human Being. Its the only tool which can lessen crimes in the world, Its the only tool which can provide respect to every living being which they owe from us. And it is, only path to change the world, to be a better place to live in.

Think it over. It’s now or never…….

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